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lvwzhen 05/26/2023

MagickPen is an AI-powered tool that will help you unleash the maximum potential of GPT. Your can Write Anything in Seconds Just like Magick.

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What should I do next?

1.Sign up at Lemon Squeezy (our payment system)

First, Sign up at - and apply to become a member. Once you\'ve applied, you\'ll have to wait for Lemon Squeezy\'s approval.

2.Join the MagickPen Affiliate Program

Click "Become an Affiliate" on our affiliate page at and apply to join the MagickPen Affiliate Program.

3.Obtain your referral link

By default, Lemon Squeezy\'s referral links are in the format, which can be found in your affiliate center.

If you\'d like a more concise and effective referral link, simply copy the YOUR_CODE part and use it as shown:

All you need to do is add ?aff=YOUR_CODE to the end of our website URL, and the link will work.

4.Share your affiliate link

If someone clicks on your referral link and purchases MagickPen within seven days, you will earn a 30% commission on the sale.

More Information

If you need more information about Lemon Squeezy\'s Affiliate Program, please refer to the guide on the Lemon Squeezy website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don\'t hesitate to contact us.