10 Best AI Music Generators in 2023

lvwzhen 08/02/2023

The rapid strides in Artificial Intelligence are astounding! Be it AI-powered writing apps or video-making tools, there's hardly a place where AI hasn't made its mark. It has evolved to such a degree where you can even operate ChatGPT with Siri on your iPhone. But that's not the whole story as the music industry isn't far behind. If you're in disbelief about the existence of AI music composers, it's time to change your mind. To aid budding musicians or simply quench the curiosity of netizens, we've dug deep into the realm of AI and compiled a list of the finest AI music composers for you. So, set your guitars aside, get hold of your mouse, and let's dive in!

What's more fascinating about these tools is that majority of them are open-source, implying that anyone can freely access them and attempt to advance the already existing technologies.

Let's cast a glance at some of the preeminent AI music generators flourishing in the market:

1. Soundful

Soundful leverages the power of AI to generate royalty-free background music on-demand for various multimedia platforms like videos, streams, podcasts, and others.


  • Provides user-friendly and customizable interaction, just choose a genre, adjust your inputs to your satisfaction, and create your tracks
  • Offers unique music production using AI algorithms developed in conjunction with top industry producers and sound engineers
  • Ensures music originality with each track being unique, the AI will not replicate already existing songs or its own outputs
  • Comes with over 50 preliminary templates from different genres for users' convenience
  • Serves three diverse group of users: producers, creators, and brands.


  • Free tier available
  • Monthly subscription starts at $9.99


AIVA is an AI music generator, developed in 2016, frequently upgraded to compose soundtracks for ads, video games, movies, and more.


  • Provides many presets and specified music formats
  • Offers a functional free version
  • Enables soundtrack editing
  • Modification of existing tracks
  • Allows creation of original compositions with 'generation profile'
  • Provides public profiles library
  • Allows uploads of 'influences'


  • Free: Offers 3 downloads per month for songs up to 3 minutes duration. The user must acknowledge AIVA; they do not own the copyright and cannot monetize the music.
  • For 15 euros ($16.54) per month: Allows 15 downloads, song creations of up to 5 minutes, no AIVA crediting required, but the copyright still belongs to AIVA. Users can monetize only on social platforms like Twitch, TikTok and Youtube.
  • For 49 euros ($54.03) per month: Allows 300 downloads a month, song creations of up to 5 minutes and 30 seconds, no AIVA crediting, and the user owns the copyright. The user can fully monetize the music.

3. MuseNet by OpenAI

MuseNet, developed by AI giant OpenAI, is an AI-enabled music generator that produces up to four-minute compositions. The tool can mix styles from 10 different instruments and imitate a variety of renowned composers such as Mozart or Bach, as well as contemporary artists.


  • The AI tool is capable of generating compositions with a duration of up to 4 minutes
  • Empowered by a deep learning neural network, this AI tool can create harmonious medleys using ten types of instruments
  • The AI has been trained on an extensive array of MIDI files, allowing it to predict the next note in a music sequence accurately
  • MuseNet can generate music in diverse styles, one of them being country music
  • It can seamlessly blend musical styles from different generations in an innovative and convincing manner

Despite the lack of formal musical training amongst its developers, their primary objective was to design an AI tool that could discern patterns of rhythms and harmonies that already exist. While MuseNet has numerous AI-generated music samples available for listening, it has yet to permit users to develop their own compositions.


MuseNet is currently a free AI music composer. You can explore this potent AI music composition tool on OpenAI’s website.

4. Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code is an AI-powered music composition platform available for iOS devices, designed to help musicians and producers create original music quickly and easily.


  • Boasts an intuitive and easy-to-use interface on your mobile device
  • Users can quickly preview and audition different musical ideas, and make real-time changes and adjustments
  • Provides a range of export options, including MIDI and WAV files
  • Offers a rich sound library with styles and genres for different sounds exploration
  • Users can collaborate with other musicians and share their creations on the platform
  • The mobile app allows users to generate melodies and access their saved projects anywhere


  • Both paid and free plans are available on the platform
  • Contact Amadeus Code for detailed pricing options

5. Boomy

Boomy is an all-in-one AI music creation platform designed to empower users to create original, high-quality music using artificial intelligence technology.


  • Utilizes deep learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of musical data, allowing users to create unique compositions that reflect their preferences and inputs using AI
  • Provides a comprehensive library of pre-built audio samples that you can use to create royalty-free tracks
  • Offers AI-powered audio mastering capabilities that enable you to give your tracks a polished, professional sound automatically
  • Allows you to create a personalized profile for better music creation experience


  • Contact Boomy for the current pricing details

6. Magenta Studio

Magenta Studio is a comprehensive AI music generator that comes with a series of music plugins. It’s built on Magenta's open-source tools and models, making it an excellent choice for creative artists looking to enhance their creative process.


  • Offers a collection of music plugins for artists
  • Equipped with a neural synthesizer (NSynth) and MIDI-enabled web applications
  • Tools can be used as standalone apps or as plugins for Ableton Live
  • Comes with a range of useful apps such as Generate, Interpolate, Drumify, Continue, and Groove
  • The Generate tool uses a Variational Autoencoder (VAE) trained on millions of melodies and rhythms to quickly generate music


  • Free to use with an optional 90 days free trial. Available for download and permanent use on your device from the official website.

7. Beatoven

Beatoven is a one-of-a-kind AI music generator that simplifies the complexities of music composition. It is designed to make the creation of original soundtracks for your videos or podcasts as hassle-free as possible.


  • Utilizes advanced music theory and production concepts to produce unique tracks
  • Allows customization of length, genre, mood, and instruments to create your personal music
  • Provides production-ready music with industry-standard mixing and mastering
  • Generates multiple versions of your tracks which are all editable from the instruments used to the genre and tempo
  • Lets you upload your video or podcast to generate soundtracks based on them for a more convenient audio editing experience.

Best For

Beatoven is ideal for content creators who require unique, mood-based music for their videos or podcasts. It's also a fantastic tool for individuals who want to try their hand at music creation, but lack the technical expertise or resources. With Beatoven, you can craft a unique soundtrack that perfectly complements the duration and mood of your content.


  • Free version available with usage-based pricing beginning at $3/mo.

8. Soundraw

Soundraw is a superior AI music generator, utilizing advanced machine-learning algorithms during the creation process of music.


  • Employs an AI engine which can produce songs on demand that can be tailored according to your preferences
  • Generates AI-created music compositions, which are royalty-free and where you solely own the license
  • Allows you to instigate the process of song creation based on tempo, mood, genre, and theme. In response, Soundraw crafts wholly-unique melodies and beats spontaneously
  • Provides the facility to modify the songs generated by Soundraw’s AI assistant, including shortening intros, rearranging the chorus, and more
  • Ensures music generated is 100% original, protecting you from concerns like YouTube copyright claims
  • Offers “permanent licenses for all creatives,” encompassing web adverts and store BGMs
  • Its software is GDPR-compliant, ensuring your data will not be shared with third parties


  • Free plan: This plan is free indefinitely, with no limits on the number of songs you can produce
  • Personal plan: Priced at $19.99 a month (a paid plan is required to download the music you create)

9. Amper Music

Amper Music, now encompassed by Shutterstock, is an exceptional AI music generator currently available in the industry.


  • Allows the generation of royalty-free music perfect for videos and podcasts
  • Available access for existing Shutterstock account holders
  • Provides dual functionality as an audio-editing software permitting the addition, removal and alternation of instruments in a tune
  • One of the simplest AI music generators for usage, offering myriad pre-generated tracks to initiate your creativity
  • Encompasses custom instrument samples in the music-making process
  • Exposes access to more than 100,000 exclusive pre-created tracks


  • Primarily, Amper Music is accessible through any Shutterstock price plans subscriptions
  • A no-cost usage of Amper Music is available. However, downloads commence at $5 per track, potentially reaching up to $100 for commercial utilization

10. Melobytes

Melobytes is an AI-driven tool for music generation that offers a variety of customization parameters, despite its modest visual layout.


  • Allows users to select the style of music, instruments, and audio
  • Grants intricate control over echo, distortion, and reverb to produce a unique piece of music
  • Users can entrust the AI model with the task of randomly creating a track
  • There's no sign-up required; users can configure, create, and download AI-produced music directly from Melobytes’ website
  • Offers a range of audio parameters to shape the AI-generated track - such as the number of bars, types of instruments, and additional audio effects
  • Melobytes doesn’t place any copyright restrictions on the tracks it generates
  • However, it doesn't offer any post editing options and can take up to five minutes to generate a single piece of music.


  • Melobytes AI Music is completely free