7 Best AI Translation Tools in 2023

lvwzhen 07/17/2023

Artificial intelligence is spearheading a watershed moment in translation services, rendering translations more meticulously accurate and vivacious. As global interconnectivity across languages escalates, the importance of AI-driven translation mechanisms is paramount.

Machine translation signifies the automatic translation of one language into another, by converting the text in an original language into structurally-equivalent text in a target language.

Pioneering AI blueprints such as OpenAI's ChatGPT churn out extraordinarily organic and articulate translations. AI is accelerating translation to unparalleled heights, encapsulating not only the lexical meaning but also the underlying sentiment of the original text.

Here are some of the best AI translation software and tools on the market:

1. OpenL

OpenL is an AI-powered translation tool that's designed to support seamless communication across a vast array of languages. It automatically detects the language of your text and translates it into one of its 78 supported languages with ease.


  • Provides translations in over 78 languages, including but not limited to English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and German
  • Efficiently translates context-specific terms, making it the perfect tool for professional translation projects
  • Users can use credits for translations. Some credits are provided for free, while additional features are available upon upgrading to a Pro account
  • Utilizes robust AI algorithms, deploying machine learning and natural language processing capabilities to deliver precise translations
  • The 'Write' feature helps in content creation, and 'Grammar Fix' assists in identifying and correcting grammar errors
  • The 'Learn' feature aids in language learning, enhancing your linguistic skills


  • Free: $0/month, 20 credits/day, 250 words/translation
  • Subscription: $7.9/month, unlimited credits, 5000 words/translation
  • Yearly: Provides a 20% discount on the standard Subscription price

2. DeepL

DeepL is a robust AI language translation tool that delivers high-quality, natural-sounding translations among various languages. Its sophisticated AI-driven algorithms allow DeepL to scrutinize the context of a sentence for precision while its continuously evolving neural network can effortlessly manage intricate translations and technical terminologies.


  • Has the capacity to analyze sentence contexts ensuring accuracy in translations
  • Is capable of handling complex translations and technical language
  • Provides solutions and is beneficial for business owners, students, and travelers who are dealing with language barriers


  • Basic: Free of charge
  • Starter: $10.49 a month
  • Advanced: $34.49 a month
  • Ultimate: $68.99 a month
    Whether you are a business owner aiming to effectively communicate with global clients, a student trying to comprehend complex texts in foreign languages, or a traveler needing to navigate a foreign country, DeepL is the perfect tool for you. By leveraging its advanced features and producing natural sounding translations, DeepL breaks down the language barriers, connecting people around the globe.

3. Google Translate

Google Translate is a leading AI-powered language translation tool that provides free online machine translations. By translating text, documents, and websites from one language into a target language, it has become a universal solution for language barriers.


  • Supports multi-language translation for more than 100 languages
  • User-friendly and highly accessible interface
  • Provides verified translations
  • Offers Conversation Mode for mobile use
  • Includes features like voice input, handwriting recognition, and real-time translation using the camera on mobile devices
    The technology of Google Translate leverages advanced neural machine translation. It also uses native speakers to train its AI algorithm, thereby improving the quality and accuracy of translations. Google Translate is available across several platforms, making translations convenient and accessible for users on-the-go.

While potent in its field, Google Translate may not be the best choice for specialized translations or for users prioritizing privacy. Hence, other alternatives may be considered.


  • Google Translate is a free AI tool for all users.

4. Bing Microsoft Translator

Bing Microsoft Translator, produced by Microsoft, is an exceptional AI-powered machine translation cloud service. This tool is a part of Microsoft Cognitive Services and is integrated across numerous platforms such as Bing, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Edge, Skype, and Visual Studio.


  • Provides text and speech translation through the cloud
  • Supports over 100 languages and features 12 speech translation systems, making up the Microsoft Translator live conversation feature
  • Offers unique translation capabilities from images, voice, options, and links
  • Boasts a translation memory, in-context editing, and a website translation widget
  • Possesses a mobile app for translations on the go
  • Allows smooth integration with other Microsoft applications for a seamless translation experience


  • Basic: Free
  • Advanced: Contact Microsoft for a quote

5. Yandex Translate

Yandex Translate is a machine translation service developed on a self-learning statistical machine translation platform. It supports synchronized translation for about 100 languages, including unique ones like Afrikaans, Amharic, Mongolian, Zulu, and others.


  • Provides synchronized translation for 102 languages
  • Comes with predictive typing and a dictionary with transcription, pronunciation, context, and usage examples
  • Allows translation of not only text but also web pages, voice inputs, and uploaded documents and pictures
  • Can be used similarly to Google Translate: paste the text and choose the target language to translate it
  • Supports businesses in attracting buyers and sellers by automatically translating product titles, descriptions, and specifications
  • Allows users to create and discover content in any language
  • Facilitates communication teams with translated news ensuring accuracy and thereby boosting translation quality
  • Helps improve seller-buyer communications and enhance conversion rates


  • Yandex Translate is free, but for advanced needs, contact the sales team.

6. QuillBot

QuillBot is an advanced, AI-powered translation tool that offers functionality to translate text into over thirty different languages.


  • Allows for the translation of long texts
  • Provides a free-from-ads, enhanced translation experience
  • Offers simultaneous text editing and source citation with integrated writing tools
  • Comes with the power of AI for speedy and accurate text translations
  • Doesn't require an app download — translations can be done online
  • Operates on a mobile-friendly platform for language translations
  • Introduces a completely free translation service in the form of QuillBot translator


  • QuillBot offers a free tier with limited features.
  • Monthly Billing: $19.95 USD per month
  • Semi-Annual Billing: $13.33 per month (Billed as $79.95 every 6 months) — saves you 33%
  • Annual Billing: $8.33 per month (Billed as $99.95 every year) — saves you 58% (Best Value)

7. Reverso

Reverso serves as a holistic language translation tool underpinned by advanced AI to offer accurate translations in numerous languages. It's heavily suited for both language learners and professionals.


  • Uses advanced AI algorithms for high-quality translations
  • Provides real-world examples of translated words to comprehend the context usage
  • Supports mobile and browser extensions to access translations across platforms
  • Emphasizes on context and language learning features for effective communication
    Whether looking to master a new language or communicate with international clientele, Reverso's focus on context and language learning capabilities makes it a credible choice. Join our community of millions of satisfied users today and experience the power of Reverso!


  • Basic: Free of charge
  • Premium: Priced at $9.99/month